Set Up Clever Integration

The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution rosters and provisions accounts through Clever's Secure Sync. Educators and students can also log in using single sign-on (SSO) into the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution through Clever.



Plan for a successful Clever integration by asking yourself the following questions and providing the answers to Learning Ally.


The audiobook solution is designed for students with a reading deficit who struggle with:

  • Decoding
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension

Any educator (or other professional) who has experience observing students with a reading deficit, blindness or visual impairment, or physical disability can make the determination of eligibility.

  • Who will be the data manager/point of contact for receiving communications related to the integration? This is often the Clever Administrator for the district/school.
  • What is your communication preference (ie, email, phone, Zoom call?)
  • How will students be determined as eligible for Audiobook Solution access?
    • (Recommended) All students will be added to the data share and educators will confirm a student's eligibility within the Learning Ally Educator Portal.
    • A Clever extension field will be used to identify a student as eligible as part of the data share. The extension field will indicate whether a student is RD (reading deficit), BVI (blind/visually impaired) or OPD (other physical disability) or simply mark the student as “True.” Please share the name of the extension field that will be used so that we can ensure that we are mapping to the correct field.
  • Will you include non-rostered educators in your data share? (eg, librarians, paraprofessionals, instructional coaches, etc.)
  • What is your preference for how the district or school name will appear within the “Log in through your school or district” drop-down (e.g. XXXXX USD – City, State)?
  • What is your desired live date? (e.g. Is there an upcoming training session that the integration needs to be in place for? How would you like to communicate the log in changes to existing educators and students?)

Once you have provided these answers to Learning Ally, we can move on to the next step! A member of our integration team will reach out to you to walk through next steps.

Automatic Rostering and SSO Setup Process

  1. In the Clever Portal, request the Learning Ally app.
  2. When we receive the request, we will approve your request and return a data sharing request for the enrolled schools within our Educator Portal.
  3. Once you accept the request and data is shared with Learning Ally, we will start to set up the account and validate the data manually.
    • If there are records that do not pass validation, Learning Ally will work with you to review the data and revalidate.
    • Educators and students that pass validation will be created/updated within the Educator Portal.
  4. Once the integration is finalized, Learning Ally will send a notification to the data manager and main point of contact and set Clever to “Launch Now.”
  5. The data manager is now ready to test/confirm educator and student accounts and adjust the app sharing permissions.
  6. After launch, Learning Ally will run the auto sync daily to keep your rosters aligned.

How Do I Get Help?

Do you need help? Contact our Customer Care team at 1.800.221.4792 for assistance.