Marion Huber Learning Through Listening® (LTL®) Awards

For Learning Ally members who are high school seniors with learning disabilities who are graduating from high school in 2023 or 2024.

DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted, emailed or postmarked no later than February 15, 2024


Each year, the Marion Huber Learning Through Listening awards are presented to Learning Ally high school senior members with learning disabilities, who plan to continue their education after graduation, in recognition of their academic achievement, outstanding leadership, and service to others.

Marion Huber was a long-term and loyal donor to Learning Ally, formerly RFB&D, who was particularly committed to our expanded mission of engaging students with learning disabilities. She observed the power of “learning through listening” to transform lives, and it was for this reason that she made an endowed gift to fund an award for students with dyslexia and other disabilities that prevent effective reading. By creating a permanent endowment, Marion Huber ensured that the work she valued during her lifetime continues today.

Offered since 1991, the awards are given to students who are chosen by a selection committee. Learning Ally awards the top winners $6,000 each and special honors winners $2,000 each. Winners will be notified of their awards in early 2024.

Applicants should be aware that:

All scholarship awardees must be capable and willing to publicly share their personal story and represent Learning Ally as a spokesperson and advocate at various local, virtual and national events. Costs associated with these events will be covered by Learning Ally.

Scholarship Application Requirements

Candidates that meet all of the eligibility criteria must submit the following documents:

1. A fully completed and signed personal application

2. Personal narrative in writing and video recording about your learning difference and how Learning Ally changed your life.

3. Details of any milestones, honors, awards, and noted achievements, including educational honors, special awards, honorary society memberships, and any special accomplishments (recognition, scholarships, and talents).

4. A brief description of any of your extracurricular, community activities, and leadership roles. Please provide time frames and the extent and level of involvement.

5. One letter of recommendation for this award from someone (must be a non-relative and not a legal guardian) who has had a positive influence/impact on your academic performance and success. This may be a teacher, tutor, community leader, or school administrator who knows you personally and can speak to your classroom performance and extracurricular activities. The letter of recommendation must be accompanied by a referral form and personally signed by the author.

6. An official transcript of your grades from your recent degree may be required if you are selected in the pool of final candidates.


  • Only fully-completed applications will be considered for the awards.
  • Please DO NOT send additional information (such as news clippings, photos, or additional references) beyond that which has been specifically requested. Such information will not be considered and will not be returned.
  • Applications must be submitted online, emailed, or postmarked no later than February 15, 2024.


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To apply for this award, you must be able to respond affirmatively and check all of the following eligibility criteria:

Applicants should be aware that:

All requirements should be met

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