Set Up ClassLink Integration

The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution rosters and provisions accounts through ClassLink’s OneSync. Educators and students can also log in using single sign-on (SSO) into the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution using ClassLink.


Plan for a successful ClassLink integration by asking yourself the following questions and providing the answers to Learning Ally.

  • Who will be the data manager/point of contact for receiving the sync summary emails (Including any error summaries that may be generated once the sync is set up to run.)?
  • Will grade level and unique email addresses be provided for each student?
  • Will each student be assigned a unique student ID?
  • Will students be determined to be eligible as part of the sync process or will eligibility be provided once they are added to the Learning Ally educator portal? If eligibility will be provided as part of the sync process, please let us know which meta data field you will be using so that we can ensure that we are mapping to the correct field.
  • What is your preference for how the district or school name will appear on the login drop-down (e.g. XXXXX USD – City, State)?
  • Has ClassLink data been updated recently and does the data reflect the latest roster?
  • What is the desired frequency and time of auto-sync (note: must be <30 days)?
  • What is your desired live date (e.g. Do you want to sort out the data behind the scenes before making the app available to educators/students)?

Once you have provided these answers to Learning Ally, you can move on to the next step!


Automatic Rostering and SSO Setup Process

  1. Contact Learning Ally for your key and secret to begin the integration process.
  2. Once the data is shared, we start to set up the account and validate the data manually.
  3. Educators and students that pass the validation are then created within the Educator Portal.
  4. If there are records that do not pass validation, Learning Ally will work with you to review the data and revalidate.
  5. Once the sync is up and running, Learning Ally will run the sync based on the schedule provided by you.


ClassLink Frequently Asked Questions

We are an existing Learning Ally customer, what will happen to our existing accounts?

Existing educator and student accounts will be connected if Learning Ally can directly map the data from ClassLink to the data within our Educator Portal (e.g. by email address, student ID, etc.). Before launching the integration, we manually validate the data shared via ClassLink against our existing users to ensure that everything is in alignment and work with you to resolve any validation errors. The eligibility status of existing students remains intact if the accounts can be mapped.

How long will it take for accounts to be created?

The entire validation to user creation/update process is estimated at approximately two weeks but can vary based on the cleanliness of the data, time of year, etc.

How do non-teacher accounts get created and how will they login?

Ideally, non-teacher accounts would be created directly in ClassLink and sync into the Learning Ally Educator Portal in the same manner as teacher accounts. In the event that non-teachers are not present in ClassLink, the non-teachers would have to be manually rostered on our end. A roster import spreadsheet would need to be completed by the district and provided to Learning Ally to the roster. At this time, the ability to manually add educators and students is suppressed with rostering customers.


How Do I Get Help?

Do you need help? Contact our Customer Care team at 1.800.221.4792 for assistance.