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Classic Retelling

by William Shakespeare


A retelling, in simple language, of the classic tale: Perhaps the single most influential work of English drama, William Shakespeare's Hamlet is a timeless tragedy of the conflicted loyalties, madness, betrayal and terrible revenge Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. When young prince Hamlet is confronted by his father's ghost on the battlements of Castle Elsinore, he is burdened with a terrible task: slay King Claudius, Hamlet's uncle, who the ghost alleges murdered him. Wrestling with his conscience, Hamlet feigns wild madness while plotting a brutal revenge, alienating his mother Queen Gertrude and spurning his lover Ophelia. But the act of insanity takes Hamlet perilously close to the reality, wreaking havoc on guilty and innocent alike.

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Copyright year 2002
ISBN-13 9780618120512
ISBN-10 0618120513
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Publisher Nextext
Subject Drama
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Number of Pages 236
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Grade Range 8 - 12
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