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Guide to rapid revision

by Pearlman Daniel D.


Arranged alphabetically by correction symbols.ab Abbreviations.abst Abstract Expressions.adj Adjective.adv Adverb.agr Agreement.amb Ambiguity.ant Antecedent (See pro).ap, apos Article.awk, / Brackets.C Comma.cap Case.choppy Choppy Clarity (See vague).cliché Cliché (See trite).coh Coherence.colon, :/ Colon.comp Comparison.coord Coordination (See sub).CS Comma Splice.D Diction.dang Dangling Modifier.dash Development (See 6).doc Documentation.Doc/app Appendix on Documentation Styles.doc/bib Bibliography.doc/cit In-Text Citations.-ed error -Ed Error in -ed Endings.ell, ... / Ellipsis.em Emphasis.ex Exactness (See D).exag Exaggeration(See log/gen).excl, !/ Exclamation Point.frag Fragmentary Sentence.fs Fused Sentence (See RO).gen Generalization (See vague and log, 2).hy Incomplete Construction.ital Italics.jarg Lowercase (See cap).log Logic.log/auth Appeal to Authority.log/emot Appeal to Emotion.log/gen Overgeneralization.log/ns Non sequitur.log/simp, mod Misplaced Modifier.mood Mood (See shift).ms Faulty Manuscript Form (See wp).mx Mixed Construction.No ,/ No Comma (See C, 6).No ¶, No Paragraph Should Start Here.No P, No Punctuation Needed Here.num Omitted Word (See inc).org Organization (See coh).¶ Paragraph.P Punctuation (Obvious error or omission).paral, // Parallelism.paren, ( ) Parentheses.pass Passive Voice.per Period (See frag).pf Period Fault (See frag).plag Plagiarism (See doc).poss Possessive Case (See case and ap, apos).pro Pronoun Reference.pv Point of View (See shift).QM, ?/ Question Mark.quot, "/" Quotation Redundant (See wdy).ref Reference (See pro).rep Repetition.RO Run-On Sentence.semi, ;/ Semicolon.-s error -S Error in -S Endings.sexist Sexist Expression.shift Shift in Point of View.slang Slang.slash "See Overuse of Slash" sp Spelling (Consult Your Dictionary).split Split Infinitive.SS Sentence Structure (See awk).stringy Stringy Sentences (See sub).sub Subordination.T Tense.titles Titles (See quot, 3).trans Transitions.trite Triteness.und Underlining (See ital).unity Unity (See 6).us Usage (See d).vague Vagueness.var Variety in Sentence Patterns.vb Verb Form (See T, 2).voice Voice (See pass).wc Word Choice (See D).wdy Wordiness.WP Word Processing.ww Wrong Word.Words Often Misused: A Glossary (See also D).X Obvious Error.Index.

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